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Old Tavern and Country Store


A comfortable old bar with high top tables and plenty of typical music and gauchos drinks. The area is tastefully decorated with the same elements were used a century ago. Here you will find many interesting testimonies of Uruguayan heritage.

The country store o “pulperia criolla” (Spanish name) was a type of commercial shop wide spread all over the country side, even before the year 1800. Visiting the pulperia, was an important part of the gaucho’s culture.

The pulperia was the only source of all king stuff for the gauchos: food, drinks, candles, charcoal, clothes etc. It was also a social center with many activities like: cocks fighting, alcoholic beverages, cards and craps, playing etc.


At our Estancia, we offer a comfortable old bar with high top tables, typical country music, and gaucho’s drinks.

One of the most typical drinks we offer is call "caña con butia". Caña it is an alcoholic beverage derived from sugar cane fermentation containing ethanol, and added with palm tree fruits and sugar, as flavoring ingredients. After standing for at least six months, the mixture is ready to drink.


The palm tree it is six meters high, and originated from south Brazil. Each palm tree produce thousands of yellow round fruits of 1 inch diameter, every other year.

At the old tavern you also be able to buy many things gauchos use for different purposes:, hunting tools used to capture cattle call "boleadoreas", "bombachas" o gaucho pants, ponchos to keep the body warm etc.

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Estancia Renacimiento – At Only 30 minutes drive from International Airport and 5 Miles from the Beach resort Atlantida
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Canelones - Uruguay
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